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SterlingOSB rises above the rest


In a commodity market where one product is expected to be much the same as any other it’s rare to find anything approaching brand recognition.
Most builders who buy materials from their local merchant are looking for products that are fit for purpose, readily available and keenly-priced. They’re not too bothered about whether or not they’re getting Brand X or Brand Y.
But when it comes to oriented strand board (OSB) – a staple product used for a multitude of applications on site – one brand stands out: “Sterling board” – or Norbord’s SterlingOSB.
Available in several thicknesses, with tongue-and-grooved edging for flat roof and flooring applications and in both standard and moisture-resistant grades, SterlingOSB is the UK’s biggest-selling brand of OSB.


The first OSB ever to be made in the UK, “Sterling board” has become synonymous with OSB and is often specified by name. This is not just because it’s the original – it’s also because it’s the best.
Made in Scotland, SterlingOSB is a high quality engineered product with excellent structural qualities that are appreciated by the trade.
As one builder recently told us: “It’s good! I’m impressed with Sterling for the tightness of the material. It’s smoother than other boards which are not airtight. Sterling board is solid and the fibres don’t lift like they often do on other boards”.
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